Simple to Learn

Simple To Learn

Very simple and friendly layout for easy work flow. Even one can handle it with just basic computer knowledge without any mistake.

Very Easy to use

Easy to Use

Feature rich and user friendly interface lets you create any report, search, filter,sort and other related task on minimum manual intervention.

Reminder and Alert

Reminder/ Alert

Most helpfull feature to communicate with customer and office staff to send message, alert and reminder at zero cost.

Custom Domain

Custom Domain

This feture lets you, operate software from your own domain. White label branding for partners also available.

Email and SMS


Lets you to send email and message on different criteria from software, no need to open mail and attach.

Custom Module on Demand

Custom Module

You can bind your own custom domain to operate software for your own own brand lookm, feel and branding.

Graphical Report

Graphical Report

Graphical report lets you easily analyse report with little concentration and effort and faster performance.

Full Customazation


We provide free customization in software to suit your need, and you can too manage it from setting very easily.

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